English Lessons

Get into a better mood with our yoga classes

English yoga is lectured by experienced English-speaking teachers. The classes are perfect for non-Czech speakers but will also satisfy those who want to practise their English or seek new experience. Currently, all our English lessons take place in the Karlín studio.

The studio is equipped with a high end sound system and fragrance diffusors to create a tranquil environment and put you into a relaxing mood. Lessons can be enjoyed by beginners as well as experienced yogins according to their current physical condition and mood.

Our Lessons

Light yoga

Light lesson is a calm and stretching practice. The relaxing vibe is emphasized by gentle aromatherapy and music. The lesson is suitable for both beginners and experienced yogins who want to stretch and relax. You will enjoy the lesson according to your current abilities and mood.

Deep yoga

Deep lesson is a dynamic strengthening practice which is performed in a flow or power holds. The practice is emphasized by dynamic music and stimulating aromatherapy. It is suitable for intermediate and advanced yogins with better knowledge of the basic yoga poses.

You will find all the necessary equipment in the studio, so you don’t need to bring your own yoga mat.

You only need to register in our reservation system and pick your class. We have special English classes but feel free to try any class you like. You can pay for the class online by card. We also accept Multisport Cards or Sodexo FlexiPass Card.

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