Multisport Cards


  1. Multisport card can be used to attend open lessons, this does not apply to seminars or courses.
  2. During the process of reservation, it is necessary to have available a deposit of the same financial value as the lesson which the client reserves.
  3. It is possible to create multiple reservations, but the number of reservations must be equal to the number of deposits topped up to your card.
  4. It is possible to top up your deposits online in the user’s profile.
  5. It is not possible to use normal credit for yoga lessons as a deposit on your Multisport card.
  6. If a client does not cancel their reservation in time and does not attend the lesson, the deposit expires.
  7. If a client attends the lesson, the deposit is transferred to their account and can be used to create a new reservation.
  8. A client must confirm their identity with their Multisport card and an identification card. The name on the identification card must correspond to the name on the Multisport card.
  9. Topped up deposit is valid for six months. If a client uses their Multisport card at the reception, the deposit will be transferred to their account and its validity is extended for another six months.
  10. If requested by client, it is possible to return the deposit by transferring it to the client’s bank account.